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music quiz game


Music Quiz Game is an opensource project, both the client and server code are written in javascript. The server and client code as well as the Arduino UNO source code can be found in our Github repository. For the game we use 4 big physical arcade buttons (buzzers) connected to an Arduino UNO board. The input of the buttons gets sent to a nodejs server that then dispatches the information to two different clients. Both clients are browser apps running on two different devices. The first client is players screen, it can be displayed using for example a laptop connected to a TV in front of the 4 participating teams. The second client is the game master screen, it can for example get displayed on a tablet that the game master uses to oversee the game.

music quiz game spectrum animated gif

I want to contribute

You are welcome to do so, you can fork the project from our Github repository. Check out the and to find open tasks or if you find a bug please open an issue ticket.


For any kind of feedback you can send an e-mail to